2015 Hair Trends: Pastels

This has to be hands down my favorite color trend this year.  It has yet to catch on in Dallas, and I doubt that it ever truly will but it is still trending all over.  The great thing about this color is that more and more color lines are coming out with demi-perminant pastel tones.  Demi permanent color has no ammonia and will last for about 24 shampoos, meaning it can not lighten your hair but is also not permanent.  The only negative with this color is that your hair has to be lightened to be able to take on the color which can cause damage, so ask your stylist if they use Olaplex, trust me you won’t regret it.



2015 Hair Trends: Choppy Bob

I think that 2015 is the year that people will be loosing their hair by choice.  For so long women have believed that long hair is beautiful and sexy but that has now(hopefully) been proven wrong.  I myself have always preferred short hair, as I think it is fun, flirty and accentuates my face shape the best.

cn_image.size.emma-stone-bob-haircut-new Sienna-Miller-GG2015 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

 I have also been getting many requests for this cut, more are asking for a longer version and they gradually go shorter each time they come in.  If you are ready to take the plunge but don’t want to go too short yet try a cut where your length hits you right at your collarbone.  It will still be a big difference, depending on your length now, and virtually looks good on everyone.

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Oh Deer!

I had seen a few pictures on Pinterest of paper mâché deer heads and I thought it would be a fun cheap little project to take on.
I ended up finding these at Michaels in the wood isle, they also had a heart that I plan to head back for once I figure out what I want to do with it.
I really liked the look of the deer but knew that I couldn't just leave them as is. I had some remaining flowers left from my monogram project and decided to add them. I love how they came out and am excited by how affordable and fun it was to do.


DIY: Floral Monogram


I recently moved into my own place and have been eager to find some DIY decor projects to really make this place my own.  My first agenda is to try to fill up these empty walls, which has been taking me some time since I can be pretty particular about these things.   I came across this idea on pinterest and thought I would give it a shot.  IMG_0011

I used the last box I had to cut out the letter,  I started using scissors but quickly moved to an x-acto knife, which was much easier.

This project is very easy, the only things you need are a hot glue gun, an empty frame and mounting tape, for when you are finished and ready to put onto the wall.  IMG_1272IMG_1275

Fall/Winter Fashion: Floral

The flowers continue to bloom in the coming fall and winter, albeit a bit darker.


I love floral print because it brings a certain elegance to the season.  Dark colors reign during this time of year but sometimes we need something a little more…romantic.


For your shopping pleasure, click picture to redirect.121583137121979906

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Fall/Winter Fashion: Plaid

I’m pretty sure I have made it perfectly clear that I love this time of year.  The weather, holiday treats, snuggling under a blanket on a cold day and of course the fashion.  I am smitten with layers, the more clothing I can wear at a time the better, plus I can easily hide a bad hair day under a big hat or beanie.

There are so many trends that I am dying over this season.  So I decided out of respect for each trend they must get their own post.

So today we are going to start off with the trend that keeps coming back each fall and winter, plaid.


Plaid is very versatile especially now more than ever because there are so many ways to wear it other then a plaid fleece button up.  It’s a trend that will always been in style and isn’t going anywhere so you may as well embrace it.